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As a full-service bathroom remodeling contractor, Charleston Handyman takes pride in combining style with practicality in a way that turns your ideas into a reality. Our team of professional craftsmen and bath contractors have the knowledge and experience required to transform your current bathroom remodel into a space that fits your personality and meets your vision.

Your bathroom should be a haven for a respite and a sanctuary from the pressures of the outside world. It is no surprise, then, that the idea of a bathroom remodel feels really exciting for many homeowners. An updated, well-designed bathroom will give you the perfect relaxing treat at the start and end of the day.

However, with so many options when it comes to style, tiles, fixtures, cabinets, wall coverings and other details, the bathroom remodel process can get overwhelming. Whether you’re looking to install a new tile floor, a new shower door or a new sink, Charleston Handyman is your local one-stop shop for everything bathroom remodel in the Low-Country.

We Service:

Charleston Bathroom Remodeler

Usually, when you interview a bathroom remodeler, they will come up with a picture gallery of the previous work they’ve done, either on a screen or in a picture book. You can also visit the company’s website or contractor-matching websites to view their portfolio. This will help you decide which bathroom remodeling company will fit best for your project.

A bathroom remodeling company in Charleston, must be registered and licensed, and in order to qualify for registration and licensure requirements, there must be bonding, insurance criminal record checks, and more. One condition for membership with online contractor-matching services is that a bathroom remodeling company must have updated licenses and registrations, so this is a great vetting method.

Your final decision of a bathroom remodeler should offer a fine balance of several factors, not limited to low estimates. A cheap bathroom remodel is hardly worth the effort if the materials or workmanship are of poor quality. Along with the price factor, consider other factors like the contractor’s professionalism, reviews from other clients, and whether the contractor’s experience is in line with your project.

Some Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Complete bathroom remodels are a great way to give your home a makeover. When done properly, it also gives a homeowner a healthy return on investment. Our bathroom remodel services include:

New Tub & Shower Installations:

From tubs to shower pans and shower bases to shower doors, we will ensure everything is watertight. We can build custom shower pans for custom showers, and the shower doors are expertly installed to ensure professional finishing.

New Vanity and Toilet Upgrades:

Installing a vanity and toilet can change the entire look and feel of your space. Once you have picked your favorite vanity and toilet, will can take it from there. Our craftsmen will safely remove and dispose of your current vanity and toilet, prepare the bathroom space for the new installations, and safely install the vanity and toilet. Now you can make your upgrades and changes with confidence.

Professional Tile Installations:

Need help with your tile installation project? Whether you’re looking for bathroom floor, back splash or chipped tile in the shower, Charleston Handyman restore the new feel of your bathroom. We are experts at updating and installing all types of tile, including glass tile, ceramic tile, stone tile and porcelain tile.

Professional Finishing (Paint or Paper):

The walls of your bathroom can go a long way to transform your space with paint or paper. A room can be transformed from dramatic to soft and airy with a light paint application. A room that feels too spacious can be instantly feel cozy and comfortable with a distinct-looking wallpaper. Whichever wall design you choose for your bathroom, you can trust our craftsmen to bring your ideas to reality, and light up your bathroom.

New Lighting Fixtures:

Bring your bathroom space to life with new lighting fixtures! Whether you are looking to light up the entire bathroom or just the shower, our professional bath remodelers have the knowledge and experience required to give your bathroom the perfect lighting balance. Now you can get lighting installation help from our experienced craftsmen in your area. Despite how demanding lighting installation jobs can be, you can count on us to do a neat job – and get it right the first time!

Final Thoughts Your Bath Remodeling Project

The bathroom is a hub of activity. This is why you need everything to function at a hundred percent: tubs, showers, lighting and outlets. Whatever shape you’d like your remodel project to take, we promise to deliver best-in-class services that is guaranteed to meet your taste and style.

Call our bathroom remodelers today to discuss your needs. You can rest assured we are well equipped to handle your bathroom remodeling needs when you are ready to give your bathroom space a face lift. Serving entire Charleston County, SC area. Other home projects of interest; painting contractor, window installation, roofing installation, or new siding installation. Call Now !!!

Remodeling a bathroom is a massive project! As one of the most used rooms in the house, the bathroom deserves a lot of care and attention. Once you hire Charleston Handyman, you can rest assured that your remodel project is in the best hands. We are well equipped to take on just about any bathroom remodel project – to give your home a fresh feel. We provide you with custom designs to suit the size and style of your home, with designs ranging from classic and traditional to stylish and ultra-modern, all within the limits of your budget and at great value for money.

Trusted Home Improvement Company

At Charleston Handyman, we understand how important dealing with a trusted and experienced contractor can be for any homeowner. As such, we strike to meet the needs of our customers by building trust, keeping an open line of communication and attention to detail, no matter the size of the project. Our ability to ensure a friendly yet professional form of communication with our customers instills confidence and trust in our clients

Our convenient, one-call service is especially structured to give you a one-stop solution to all of your needs. Whats more, we are fully insured and experience to see your job through to perfection.

Our Commitment to You

With three decades of experience, we have remained committed to providing superior and professional services to residents of the Charleston Metro Area.

Our experience in home remodeling, restoration, and repair can help turn your dreams into reality. At Charleston Handyman, we are going to get it right the first time. On time. And within your budget. You can rest assured of our commitment to you, and our desire to ensure you enjoy the peace of mind you deserve.

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